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Titan Pre-trimmer and side strapper

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Brand: Titan
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External to the slicer the trimmer is easy to clean and easy to clear blockages in the line without affecting the throughput of the slicing system.

•  Flatbed is suitable for wide/flat products, while the bed’s unique design provides greater stability and improved slice quality for a wide range of products with use of conveyor driven feed. Maximum aperture size 160 mm high x 380 mm wide

•  Maximum product length 1600 mm as standard, additional length can be accommodated

•  Trimmer Blade diameter 255 mm

•  Optional hard chrome or teflon coated blades

•  Pre trim thickness 0.25 – 75 mm (product dependent)

•  Maximum trimmer speed variable up to 800 revolutions per minute. Blade speed range 40 to 800 rpm

•  Product temperature range 8°C (17.6°F) to +5°C (41°F), (product dependent)

•  6 Inch control touch panel with USB back up

•  Automatic adjustable width controlled from program settings

•  On board ethernet for remote communication diagnostics carried out over the internet

•  Productivity statistics captured and displayed automatically, including idle time per shift, downtime and downtime cause per shift

•  1000 user configurable & password protected auto program settings.

•  Operator friendly touch screen control panel

•  Control electronics configured in readily available P.L.C. hardware.