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Brand: Titan
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The Titan IVS Slicer leads the world with real-time scanning that can grade and sort 2000 slices per minute at 97% accuracy to the human eye. Able to recognize fat to lean content and seamlessly grade output as primary or secondary product, the Titan IVS Slicer has revolutionized the field.

Emerging from four years of intense research and development, Titan’s patented Involute Vision Technology, which gives the IVS its name, delivers precise weight control and grading at the touch of a button.  Along with unparalleled hygiene, absolute precision, maximum durability and optimum performance, Titan’s IVS technology lifts processing capability to a new level.

Open frame construction and barrier- free guarding ensures that the Titan IVS achieves CAT 4 safety and optimum sanitation standards.