''S'' Dual Head Tenderizer-Injector - Plainsman Equipment

''S'' Dual Head Tenderizer-Injector

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Brand: Suhner
  • For bone-in and boneless product
  • Two separate heads: one for injecting and one for tenderizing
  • Mechanical head travel lock
  • Frequency drive
  • Injection flow control
  • Injection pump stop for tendering only
  • Electronic control of pump pressure, working cycles, and stroke speed
  • 20-70 strokes per minute
  • 10.4” Product height clearance
  • Needle cleaning bar
  • Removable needles, filters, and conveyor belt
  • Micro-screen filtration
  • Stainless steel gripper-bar transport belt
  • Individually mounted needles and blades
  • Needle size: 4mm or 5mm
  • Tenderizing Blade size: 3mm or 4mm
  • 220V, 3Ph, 60 Hz